The Biblical Profile: DISC Personality System

After you complete the Free Disk Personality Test, you will quickly get bits of knowledge and tips about your own style.

Building Accurate Self-Awareness

Studies show that precise mindfulness, understanding who we are, including our qualities and biblical disc assessment, is the most grounded indicator of a pioneer’s and group’s general achievement.

Through the Outcomes Leadership Core fueled by Lead Like Jesus you currently approach a novel Biblical DISC® Assessment which causes you as a pioneer find and grasp your undeniable character. It additionally prepares you to utilize that information for individual and group advantage.See your interesting plan through an amazing scriptural focal point.

Access the full accumulation of assets and encounters identified with amplifying the Biblical DISC® in close to home and group settings.

Encounters | RESOURCES

Center FOUR EXPERIENCE: Register for the yearly Outcomes Conference and take the entire day escalated, DISCover the Leader God Made You to BE. The extra charge for this experience takes care of the expense of the Biblical DISC® Assessment.


Take Biblical DISC® Assessment accessible through the online store and pursue master Coaching. Go further and find your one of a kind social blessings and how God can utilize them to enable you to lead all the more adequately!Take on Biblical DISC® Certification. Figure out how to apply the Biblical DISC® Assessment to your instructing, counseling or preparing endeavors.

Get some information about hierarchical bundles to affect your whole group!

The Disk profiling appraisal is utilized to decide characters crosswise over sections and incorporates model book of scriptures characters related with every character style. This 32 page booklet recognizes character styles D, I, S or C by utilizing a basic 24 question profile and is an ideal assistant in creating powerful and joined groups, administration preparing, little gatherings, families and relationships.

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